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Since having lessons with Carly my confidence and bond with my horse has grown. It's a lovely yard with amazing horses and a very friendly atmosphere. I'd never go anywhere else, I've never been so happy with an instructor. Carly has helped me to grow so much already, I can't wait to see what the future holds!  By Tianna Darlington

Having lessons with Carly has helped me so much improving my dressage with my horse. I enjoy every lesson I have with Carly and she is always there to help she doesn't just sit and watch and say a few things like instructors I have experienced in the past. At the end of every lesson there is always an improvement with me and my horse whether it's small or big and I always have something I know I can improve on at home. Overall Carly is the best instructors I have had and I have had many. By Jess Durrant

Fantastic friendly place , probably the best I've seen my daughter ride, looking forward to more lessons By Melita Pascoe

Carly has been brilliant in helping me with my young horses and improving my and their knowledge and techniques with a very laid back down to earth approach. Can't recommend enough :) By Carrisa Ann Ford


Fabulous. Absolutely stunning horses and foals. I can not thank Carly enough for all the instruction I have been given so far. My confidence is coming back and I am definitely learning how to communicate far better with my horses and improve my position both on the flat and over jumps. Each lesson I gain so much and really enjoy them even if I do ache all over. My daughter is enjoying her lessons' very much as well and I look forward to seeing her grown as a rider under Carly's fabulous instruction. Thank you :-) By Liz Downing


Fantastic foals being produced and amazing teaching brought me and my boy on so much By Abi Sparks


Carly has been a fantastic instructor for both my 6 year old daughter and myself. Giving clear and concise instruction, building confidence in both rider and horse. I would recommend her to everybody. By Susan Green


A lovely stud breeding quality horses with bloodlines to match. All of the horses are given top quality individual attention and care. I have had the pleasure to meet all of the foals that have been breed by Taylors Park Stud and they are friendly babies with natural curiosity and well mannered. The owners are a lovely couple who know their stuff and Carly has the ability to bring them on as ridden horses By Sera Henbest

Carly has taught me from a young age and supported me through my journey from ponies onto horses. In particular she helped back and bring on my warmblood youngster and made sure we were both confident every step of the way. Having spent so much time with Carly in recently years I've watched her stud farm grow and produce beautiful, quality young-stock. I would thoroughly recommend Carly in all aspects of equestrian life, from breeding to teaching! by Emily Roberts
Carly is an absolutely fantastic instructor... She has been working with my little girl and her confidence is building beautifully .. I love the fact that unlike a riding school Carly asks what goal my daughter would like to work to... By Julie Polglase
 Taylor's Park Golden Spring Hill Richelshagen X Wyseby Hill Bought him from Carly at 10 months, he is now 2 and 3 months, been a pleasure to own been so easy he's had saddles, rollers and bridles on all for fun! Looking forward to try and do the futurity young horse evaluation and hope to get to the equine bridge as a 4 year old. Best choice I made driving all the way to Cornwall to pick this one up! if anyone has any siblings, half siblings etc... Send me some pictures! By Cloey Miller
 I've recently started having lessons with Carly and after just a short time I've seen huge progress on the flat with the aim to progress onto successful eventing, she offers fantastic facilities and is so welcoming and friendly it makes lessons a real pleasure. Carly is full of knowledge and has endless techniques to help deal with any issues. Id highly recommend lessons with Carly for anyone that wants to sort issues or help to compete successfully at a high level- she can do it all! By Gabby Chafer

Since having lessons with Carly she has taken me from being scared of trotting poles to confidently jumping 3 foot. My pony and I were really green in the school but with Carly's teaching we've improved beyond what I could ever imagine. 100% recommend lessons with Carly whatever your horsey goal By Susy Goodaire  

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